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New series: Dead Endings!

Sparkler Monthly is proud to announce our newest series, debuting right now in Issue #005: Dead Endings, a light novel by Jessica Chavez and Irene Flores! This darkly funny ghost story/mystery/thriller follows a trio of NYC university students–all of whom have limited contact with the supernatural–as they investigate a series of strange murders in the Big Apple. Cussing and drinking abound! Chapter 1 is available now to subscribers, and the paywall will come down (and stay down) next Friday for free reading. Enjoy!

Unfortunately, we’re sad to also announce that Dire Hearts will be going on indefinite hiatus due to the health of Christy Lijewski (creator). You can read more details here. We wish her a speedy recover so she can return to her wonderful comic.

This weekend is the last time your posts on the forum count toward our December raffle, so get in there and get chatty for your chance to win prizes! And as mentioned last week, the coupon code sparkler2013 at check-out gets you 10% off your order (subscriptions not included) until the end of the year.

Enjoy the rest of Issue #005 this month, including the great Sparkler holiday card and bookmarks from Romy for subscribers. And have a lovely holiday and new year!