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Yaoicon, Lettera, and the TDdaki!

Tokyo Demons dakimakura: SachiFor those of you coming to YaoiCon this weekend, come see the Sparkler table run by comics editor Lillian! She’ll have a ton of our paperbacks (including all three volumes of Off*Beat), free postcards, merch (including the new Knights-Errant keychains), and maybe a surprise or two. :3 And speaking of stuff you can get this weekend…the Tokyo Demons dakimakura is now officially on sale! This was a goal of our Membership Drive and was voted on by our readers – thank you so much for making this ridiculous product a reality!

Lettera_adv2In other news, we’re thrilled to announce that Lêttera (by Studio Kôsen, creators of Windrose) returned this week from its short hiatus! This sexy fantasy series is completely free to read right now, including the most recent pages. Things are really starting to heat up in the newest chapter, so what are you waiting for? Load up on Kôsen comics and have a lovely weekend!

Issue #023, and Happy Birthday to ME!

sparklermag-june2015Hi Sparkler Fans,

Guess what?! It’s my birthday this month! And guess who just completely coincidentally made all my birthday wishes come true? Jen Lee Quick, that’s who! Returning to Off*Beat for a little encore, this month features a brand new chapter, set in the middle of Volume 3. Cut from the original release of the series, we thought it’d be fun to bring it out now, and give all you fans a taste of this little missing interlude. It’s so great to see the old gang back together again… I couldn’t have asked for a better present. *sob*  You get a little sample this week in Sparkler Monthly Issue #023, with the rest of the chapter going live on June 15th. Hooray!

In other Jen-Quick-related news, Gatesmith is going on a hiatus for a bit so that Jen can return to drawing Witch’s Quarry–we’ll be updating with new pages starting in August, so from now until then we’ll be blitzing through the chapters that were previously posted on Inkblazers and SmackJeeves, getting all you Sparkler readers caught up and ready for the latest and greatest! There’s lots of excitement in store, starting with a drakkun fight in Chapter 4! It’s awesome to see Vee in action doing knight-ly things…

And speaking of knights, things get a little rough for poor Wilfrid in Knights-Errant this month. Ouch…  Plus, the modeling competition reaches its final stage in Orange Junk, all hell breaks loose in Tokyo Demons, and the healing begins and gets very interrupted in Skyglass! Not to mention our Membership Exclusive of the month is a Sparkler School from Lianne, author and English-adaptation-expert extraordinaire about writing dialogue. You don’t want to miss it!


The Sparkler Team

Sexy 2015 Couples Calendar (digital)

>> Members and non-members can buy a print version of this calendar! <<

We asked for your favorite Sparkler couples – and the incredible guest artist M (link slightly NSFW) has brought your fantasies to life. Members can enjoy 2015 with sexy pin-ups of:

Off*Beat: Tory x Colin | Awake: Hina x Robbie | Dusk in Kalevia: Demyan x Toivo | Tokyo Demons: Ayase x Sachi x Kado

Not a Sparkler Member? Sign up now or buy a poster print version of this calendar!

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Back to School with Sparkler!

It’s the end of summer, much to our dismay, but you can start the school year off right with some fine original fiction from Sparkler! This month we have the second installments of our two new comics series, Gatesmith and Windrose, plus things get even messier in Kalevia, Phoenix tries her hand at something ambitious in Skyglass…and we reach the emotional finale of Awake!

Our subscriber exclusive for the month will be a podcast with Off*Beat and Gatesmith creator Jen Lee Quick—we’re recording it next weekend, so please feel free to send us your questions for Jen via social media (Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, take your pick!) so we can include them in the podcast!

Plus, Gauntlet is now available as an ebook in our Shop—print version coming soon! And later this month, we’ll get the ebook of both Tokyo Demons: Book 2 and Dead Endings!

And thanks so much for your support so far in getting the word out about our Membership Drive! Your help here is invaluable. Keep up the great work on your end, and we’ll be able to provide you with even more great content on our end. As always, your feedback is very welcome as well–this is the second month where we’re releasing all our content at once (minus the member exclusive, which comes on the third Monday of the month), and we’re curious to see what you all think! Plus, we’ve changed our member downloads to have all comics and all prose in a single file (or one giant PDF!), and “series-so-far” downloads for individual series for VIP members. Is this something you’re all using? Are you enjoying it? Let us know what you think and how we can make your experience with Sparkler easier and ever more enjoyable!

<3 The Sparkler Monthly Team

P.S. There are many fine things about living in Southern California, but I really, really miss New England autumns…

The End of Off*Beat

Sparkler update: The end of Off*Beat!

This is it–after years and years of waiting, the final chapter of Off*Beat is up on the site now! We can hardly believe it’s over–after waiting for an ending for so long, wanting to see things finally get resolved for Tory and Colin…at least 50% of the Sparkler staff has been reduced to tears this week.


Anyway! Are you already a Sparkler subscriber? You can read the final chapter right here, right now.

Or, if you were waiting for the series to be over before reading, head to the series page to start from the beginning.

Not yet a subscriber? You can fix that right here!

Plus, we’re currently taking preorders for the print version of Off*Beat volume 3! There’s still a lot of work to be done before we have the finished paperback in hand, but if you’d like to buy it now and then get a sweet surprise in the mail in early July, you can use the links below.

Volume 3 alone

The complete series (books 1-3)

Both the single book and the set can be bought alone, or in a special deluxe edition with a keychain, postcard, new buttons, etc.

We’ve also extended the deadline on the big Off*Beat contest to the end of April! Read about it here.

Thank you SO MUCH to all the fans who’ve made this possible. Getting to rescue a series that we all love so much, that never got an ending–it’s been such an incredible experience, and we couldn’t have done it without the support of so many great Off*Beat fans who wanted to read the ending just as much as we did.

Anyway, once you manage to tear yourself away from Off*Beat, we’ve got another great update for you–Dusk in Kalevia volume 4 is up for subscribers!

And last week’s chapter of Dead Endings is now free to read for a limited time.

Thanks guys, and we hope you enjoy the ending :D

End of an Era

Jeez… It honestly feels a little surreal, but this month brings the long-awaited end of Off*Beat. The second half of Off*Beat Chapter 18, plus a short epilogue, goes up on April 18th, and then that’s it! I’ll talk more about this in other venues this month (i.e. tumblr), but it’s going to be almost exactly 10 years since Off*Beat officially started production (it was one of the first things I worked on at TOKYOPOP), and now we’re finally getting to the finale. *wipes away a tear* Jen and I are both really excited to bring you the conclusion to this series, but it’s a little sad to see it go! But fear not, there’s definitely more from Jen on the horizon…

Anyway, in honor of the end of an era, we’ve got a great Off*Beat contest running, courtesy of superfan  wonder1440! Test your knowledge and win a Sparkler Monthly subscription! (Which will be added to your current subscription if you’re already a subscriber, of course!)

Mind you, there are plenty of new things springing up around here as well! We’ve got a new short story in the comics department–Alexis Cooke channels some quality josei vibes in Dinner Ditz, which was described internally as “SO F#&%ING CUTE.” Plus we’ve got some sexy lady pin-ups coming from the amazing rem as our subscriber exclusive this month, and your regularly scheduled updates of Dusk in Kalevia and Tokyo Demons Audio.

But I’m personally extra excited about a double-dose of Dead Endings, with a chapter in Week 2 and Week 4 of the month!  If you haven’t checked out this fabulous, hilarious, and deeply creepy NYC ghost story, this is a great time to jump on board!

Spring is in full bloom, and we here at Sparkler are happy to watch all our various series grow and flourish along with it!


Little hiccup with Off*Beat this month

Hey, Sparkler readers! We’re sorry to say that Off*Beat is unexpectedly behind this month; Jen has been having issues with her baby. (Nothing serious, thankfully! Just a baby being a baby. :D) She’s still working her butt off to catch up, and we’ve rearranged this month’s schedule to compensate:

Week 3 (Friday, Jan 17th): Tokyo Demons Audio, Chapter 8, Part 2

Week 4 (Friday, Jan 24th) Tokyo Demons prose, Chapter 7, Part 1

Week 5 (Friday, Jan 31st): Dusk in Kalevia debut!

We’re hoping that we’ll have an Off*Beat release somewhere in there, but we won’t announce anything until we have more solid news from Jen. Sorry for the delay!

Maiden and the Fish + Black Friday – Cyber Monday sale!

Happy Thanksgiving! With our release of Maiden and the Fish this week, a beautiful short story by new Sparkler additions Lydia Mackenzie (author) and Phong Anh (illustrator), and the temporary lowering of the paywall for Off*Beat Chapter 15, now all chapters in this month’s issue are available free to read! That won’t last forever, so get your goodies while you can.

And now that it’s technically past midnight, we’re in the loved-and-hated BLACK FRIDAY. All products in our shop (except for subscriptions) are 15% off until 11:59 PM EST on Monday if you use the coupon code blackfriday2013 at checkout. Stay home from the crowds and shop in your pjs with us! We also added a special new product: an 11″ x 17″ print of Phong Anh’s beautiful illustration for The Maiden and the Fish, which was also modified for Issue #004’s cover. For you non-subscribers, buying that print will also get you an immediate free download of the short story in ebook format (pdf, epub, and mobi) so you can download that gorgeous short onto your devices. LOVELY.

For those who want to do Sparkler holiday shopping but can’t take part this weekend, no worries – we’ll offer an (admittedly smaller) discount on our store starting Tuesday, and that will run until December 31st. All these sales are to help fund our 2014 line-up, which is shaping up to be awesome. Thanks for your support!

Edit: Forgot to mention that now you can get the Off*Beat Vol 1, Off*Beat Vol 2, and Tokyo Demons Vol 1 paperbacks at Amazon as well (those links will bring you there). And they have their own deals there, too. Nice!

More Off*Beat, upcoming sale, gift subscriptions, job postings

Another busy week at Sparkler Monthly headquarters! Off*Beat is back today with Chapter 15 for subscribers, and boy, it’s AWESOME. :D And now Awake Chapter 4 is out from behind the paywall, so everyone can stream the audio for free (including on Bandcamp).

We’ve added Gift Subscriptions to our store, if you want to be an awesome friend and give the gift of Sparkler this holiday. We also posted for our first jobs this week–prose copy editors and an audio intern–so read more about that on our Jobs page, if you want to join the Sparkler team! Those positions need to be filled quickly, so the postings won’t be up long.

And don’t forget about our contest running in the forum. Only a few more weeks for that, so go join our community for the chance to win a cool prize! As a side benefit, maybe you’ll make a forever friend…? :D

See you next Friday, for our special short story and a Black Friday – Cyber Monday sale (as well as a new, beautiful item in our store). Be here! We’ll be waiting. <3

Congratulations to Jen Lee Quick!

We’re thrilled to report that Jen Lee Quick (Off*Beat) has just given birth to her first child!

Update: She’s posted her first public message and a PICTURE OF HER ADORABLE baby on her Tumblr here! SQUEE!

Both Jen and her baby are healthy and happy. Congratulations, Jen! XD

Off*Beat Chapter 14 will still run in Sparkler Monthly Issue #002, but Jen will be taking off Issue #003 (and possibly #004) for Maternity Leave. Once she returns, she’ll continue Off*Beat Volume 3 until its completion. Sparkler will maintain its minimum of 5 chapters per month with material by other creators.

If you’d like to leave a congratulatory note to Jen below, please do so! We’re also happy to post gift art with your permission, so either tag your Tumblr in the comments or even submit to editorial@chromaticpress.com for later archiving on this page.