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Shop updated with Ring of Saturn paperback, Mahou Josei Chimaka, and more!

Chimaka_pink_smallNow that we’re back from TCAF 2015, we’ve stocked the Sparkler Shop with our newest products! We have brand-spanking-new Ring of Saturn perfect-bound paperbacks (whee! XD), all of which were signed by KAIJU during their TCAF appearance. We also have Christy Lijewski‘s slick art book BLKBT; although we’re sorry to say that Dire Hearts is still on hiatus due to Christy’s health, she has an amazing backlist, and that art book is packed with her famously freaky-and-handsome dudes, among other things.

Also new in the shop by KAIJU: the complete Mahou Josei Chimaka ebook (featuring exclusive, brand-new chapter covers) and a pre-order for the Chimaka paperback, coming this July! We’re so excited for that one. <3 KAIJU has really been killing it lately, so we’re happy to have a giant shop update that’s almost entirely their stuff.


New series: Dead Endings!

Sparkler Monthly is proud to announce our newest series, debuting right now in Issue #005: Dead Endings, a light novel by Jessica Chavez and Irene Flores! This darkly funny ghost story/mystery/thriller follows a trio of NYC university students–all of whom have limited contact with the supernatural–as they investigate a series of strange murders in the Big Apple. Cussing and drinking abound! Chapter 1 is available now to subscribers, and the paywall will come down (and stay down) next Friday for free reading. Enjoy!

Unfortunately, we’re sad to also announce that Dire Hearts will be going on indefinite hiatus due to the health of Christy Lijewski (creator). You can read more details here. We wish her a speedy recover so she can return to her wonderful comic.

This weekend is the last time your posts on the forum count toward our December raffle, so get in there and get chatty for your chance to win prizes! And as mentioned last week, the coupon code sparkler2013 at check-out gets you 10% off your order (subscriptions not included) until the end of the year.

Enjoy the rest of Issue #005 this month, including the great Sparkler holiday card and bookmarks from Romy for subscribers. And have a lovely holiday and new year!

An important note about Dire Hearts

Sparkler Monthly is sad to announce that Dire Hearts is going on indefinite hiatus. Christy Lijewski has been dealing with chronic health issues for some time now, and while she powered through the launch of Sparkler like a champ, her ongoing problems are preventing her from making further progress on the series for the time being, in spite of her best efforts. We hope that this hiatus will be short-lived, and we’ll do our best to continue to provide quality comics content while Christy’s taking some time off to recover. And don’t fret–we’ve got a few things in store that we hope you’ll be excited about!

In the meantime, please join us in wishing her a speedy recovery!

Sparkler Editorial

Christy Lijewski at Otakon!

Thank you for a successful launch, everyone! Issue #001 went up with only a few bugs (heh), which we’ve managed to fix through all your helpful feedback. And thank you for your patience while we fixed the payment problems for those first few memberships! For those of you who downloaded the new chapters–we promise to further optimize our ebooks so they look as good as possible on as many devices as possible. Right now the best bet is the PDFs, which work well on computers and many tablets, especially if you use the official Adobe Reader app. You can thank faithful reader Denise Schroeder for that little tip. :D

As we’ve mentioned before, we’ll be running a table at Otakon this weekend. Stop by to check out our paperbacks, buy memberships with cash, or pick through the merch we’ll have for every single Sparkler series. We’ll be at Booth R11 in Artist Alley, near some of our beloved Sparkler artists who will be running their own tables! And as a special treat, we’ll be hosting:

Dire Hearts event with creator Christy Lijewski! She’ll be at our table Friday 2-4 pm to sign Dire Hearts posters and answer your burning questions!

She may or may not also be equipped to battle Titans. :D

See you there!