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Sparkler Issue #019

Happy early Valentine’s Day, Sparkler Fans!

Love is definitely in the air this month, with the big news being the launch of our brand new original audio drama, The Cat Lover’s Circumstances! Help us welcome new creative team LAMP (writer) and Aiwa (illustrator) to the Sparkler Monthly line-up! The first chapter is so long that we're splitting it into 2 parts, but they're both coming out for this issue - on Week 1 and Week 2 - for double the love.

Romance is blossoming all over the magazine, and not just the love between a girl and her cat - we’ve got a new chapter of Skyglass that's full of sexy times, the second installments of short comics series “For Peace” and “Mahou Josei Chimaka” (both heavy on the lady love), and Tokyo Demons even features a surprise wedding, of all things! Plus some psychic-influenced lovey-dovey feelings all around (except maybe for Touya, but seriously, %&* that guy).

Probably the only non-romantic thing we’re releasing this month is Jen Quick’s Gatesmith side-story/pilot chapter, “Hungry,” which is our Member Exclusive of the month. It’s hard to have hot make-outs at an almost-witch-burning, right? It's a great short story, and it will segue nicely into the next installment of Gatesmith, coming in March.

The best Valentine you can give us this month is if you like the stuff we make, tell someone else about it! All our chapter archives are now free to read, so it’s easier than ever to share the love and bring a little sparkle to someone’s day with fun, fem-positive fiction. Our goal is to spread the feels as much as possible, and you, our fans, are the best advocates for the work we're doing. Enjoy!


The Sparkler Team

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