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Sparkler Issue #018

(Click here for full-size Dusk in Kalevia cover image by Onorobo!)

Welcome to 2015--may it be a bright and prosperous one all around!

So you’ve probably already noticed some changes to our site... While I think they’re mostly subtle tweaks, there were some pretty big structural shifts happening behind the scenes, facilitated very much thanks to our hard-working support staff! (Great work, ladies.) We hope they've made it easier for you to navigate our site, enjoy your stay, and share our content with fellow fangirls-at-heart!

In that vein, we’re officially dropping our paid archive model. :) The plan was to do away with the paywall if we hit 750 members, but the paywall itself prevents us from reaching new readers as well, so this was our compromise to make things easier on the public. So now it’s gone, and our entire chapter archive is free to read! Paid memberships are integral to keeping this magazine alive and will still get you a lot more, such as early access to content (new issues are now held for about a month), downloads, and Member Exclusives, and VIP Members get a brand-new treat of every single Cherry Bomb story at no additional charge (!), so we hope you all continue to support us and our great creators through your membership contributions. At least now we hope it's a lot easier for people to find us and join you here!

On the content front, this month we’re bringing out new chapters of Skyglass, Dusk in Kalevia, Windrose, Gatesmith, and Tokyo Demons for you to enjoy! Plus our Sexy Couples Calendar from last month will soon be available as a series of spiffy downloadable desktop backgrounds for members. We’ll also have a team podcast with our editorial staff, talking about highlights of 2014, and what we’re all looking forward to in the new year.

As always, thanks a million for your enthusiasm and support! 2014 was a really exciting year for us, and we think we're on track to make 2015 even better!

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