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Sparkler Issue #016

(Click here for full-size Skyglass cover image by special guest artist Asia Kendrick-Horton!)

It's starting to feel like winter outside, but we've got plenty of sizzling stuff this month to keep you warm--first and foremost being an amazing, fiery cover by the fantastic Asia Kendrick-Horton. Things are heating up in Skyglass this month, but Phoenix is always smokin'.

We've also got a thrilling new installment of Windrose, the dramatic next section of Tokyo Demons Vol. 3, the start of the brand-new mini-series For Peace from Dinner Ditz's Alexis Cooke (featuring lady truckers in loooove!), the killer short prose story DNA-RW from Sarah “Neila” Elkins with an illustration by Saint for Rent's Ru Xu, plus a teaser of a new KaiJu magical-woman mini-series that will launch in our December issue: Mahou Josei Chimaka!

And last but certainly not least, our Member Exclusive will be a behind-the-scenes chat with the actors from Awake, our first original audio drama, to celebrate the release of the complete series set coming later this month!

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