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Sparkler Issue #011

(Click here for full-size Skyglass cover image by new Sparkler artist Mookie.)

Wowzer, guys, do we have a month for you!

June features the mind-bending conclusion of Gauntlet, wherein Clio finally figures out how to escape from the bizarre maze in which she’s been trapped...but what does leaving really mean? All of Gauntlet is free to read this month as part of our Kickstarter campaign to support the print run of our first Sparkler exclusive series! Pre-order through the Kickstarter and get some fabulous bonuses along with your book.

Our Sparkler Share Your World contest ends on June 30th, and it's going strong over on the Sparkler Monthly tumblr--check out the entries so far, and consider submitting your own for a chance to win cash, books, and subscriptions!

We also have a brand-new prose series starting up in Week 2! Gracing the cover of our June issue are the protagonists of Skyglass--written by Jenn Grunigen and illustrated by Mookie, this series promises to be a sci-fi blast and a half.

On the audio front, the true story behind the dead body(!) is finally revealed in Awake, we reach the exciting finale of Tokyo Demons: Audioand we bring you an audio how-to for our monthly Subscriber Exclusive! And last but not least, we've got the first installment of new short comic "The Ring of Saturn" from KAIJU--a period piece about music and mortality.

From last month, now Dinner Ditz Part 2 (final) is free to read for a limited time, our Sparkler Podcast #1 (originally a Subscriber Exclusive) is now free to stream, and the Off*Beat Volume 3 ebook is in the shop at last! Look at the kitty cover! XD


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