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Sparkler Issue #010

(Click here for full-size Awake cover image by special guest HamletMachine (NSFW). *OMG*)

When you've stopped fanning yourself over Hamlet's cover, check out the Sparkler Share Your World contest (which has massive prizes) running from now until June 30th. We can't wait to see what you all come up with! And congrats to Petrograd, Christian B., and Marina S. for winning wonder1440's Off*Beat contest! XD

We won't be updating the second Friday of this month so you can come say hello to the Sparkler team at the Toronto Comic Arts Festival (TCAF) on May 10th-11th! We'll have books and merch, including print copies of our two new short comics Before You Go and Dinner Ditz. (UPDATE: We have some copies left after TCAF, so buy the print versions of Before You Go and Dinner Ditz before they're gone!)

Our subscriber exclusive this month is an insider chat with the Sparkler crew in our new podcast! We also have the conclusion (Chap 2) of Dinner Ditz, there's EXPLOSIVE stuff going on in Dead Endings, Jamilah's secret video key is found in AwakeGauntlet heads for the finish line, Demyan springs his trap for Toivo in Dusk in Kalevia, and last but certainly not least, after two years of serialization...

...it's the exciting finale of Tokyo Demons Book 2!

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