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Sparkler Issue #009

(Click here for full-size Off*Beat cover image by Jen Lee Quick.)

It's almost hard to believe, but this month brings the long-awaited end of Off*Beat. The second half of Off*Beat Chapter 18, plus a short epilogue, goes up on April 18th. In honor of the end of an era, we've got a great Off*Beat contest running, courtesy of superfan wonder1440. Test your knowledge and win as much as a year's subscription to Sparkler Monthly!

This month also delivers a new comic short story--Alexis Cooke channels some quality josei vibes in Part 1 of Dinner Ditz--plus we've got sexy lady pin-ups from the amazing rem for our subscribers, and more Dusk in Kalevia and Tokyo Demons AudioThose of you waiting for Cherry Bomb, you can get that now, too!

But we're extra excited about two chapters of Dead Endings this month! If you haven't checked out this fabulous, hilarious, and deeply creepy NYC ghost story, this is a great time to jump onboard!

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