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Sparkler Issue #008

(Click here for full-size Gauntlet cover image by Romy-chan.)

March comes in like a lion, and goes out with a roar! To celebrate the impending end of Gauntlet, our first Sparkler-only prose series, ALL back chapters are out from behind the paywall for the next two weeks! (The newest Chapter 8 will still be behind the paywall for this week.) Now's the time to read every chapter since the beginning for free!

We've also got the beginning of the end of Off*Beat this month! But fear not, there are plenty of new comics on the horizon, starting with our first one-shot comic: Denise Schroeder's Girls' Love story Before You Go, launching March 14th. Plus, there will be new chapters of Dusk in Kalevia and Tokyo Demons, both audio and prose, and a particularly insightful subscriber exclusive courtesy of Lianne: the first installment of Sparkler School, Storytelling 101!

There's also a new fanart prompt up in the forum, and this one looks like it'll be a nice challenge, and we're still accepting audio pitches until this Sunday (11:59 pm EST) for those who want to try their hand on that front!

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