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Sparkler Issue #007

(Click here for full-size Tokyo Demons cover image by rem.)

This is a huge month for us here at Sparkler! We've got TWO chapters of Gauntlet as the story moves into sexy territory, new chapters for all our prose series (including the brand-new Dusk in Kalevia), and the climax of Tokyo Demons Book 2. Our subscriber exclusive (available now) is a short story featuring the cast of Dead Endings celebrating everyone's favorite non-bank holiday with some quality spirits! No, the other kind.

Draw your own Sparkler Valentine this month to be included in a raffle for cool prizes!

We're open to Audio Drama Pitches for the month of February! Head Audio Editor Rebecca is in the forums to answer questions and offer tons of pointers.

And here's a little...tease for Valentine's Day proper. <3

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