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Shut In Shut Out: Page 025

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Comments (13)
  1. Jasmine

    wow, amazing! Bo totally reminded me of myself a few years ago. I too was like that with my best friend!(except I secretly had a crush on him too) hahaha im glad he brought be out of my bubble though. This was an awesome story, I would like to see more ^_^

  2. Leanna

    I love this! I also hope it’s not done, although this isn’t the worst place to leave it at! Rashid’s commitment to his friendship with Bo is awesome. I think I would’ve struggled to patiently come up with a solution in their situation, but their favorite game was really a great way to get all of them to connect. The artwork, pacing, and paneling are all so wonderful! Nice work altogether :)

    • Leanna

      Slow realization that it says “end,” sorry about that! This was an awesome one-shot story, then, and I loved it quite a lot :) It’s great to see people making things works and finding all kinds of ways to communicate and relate to one another. Always a good message to hear/see/read :)

  3. Kay

    I’m nowhere near as bad as Bo, but I’m a severely socially anxious gamer with a really really extroverted sportsy best friend who has a lot of other friends and gets mad at me a lot for not being more outgoing, so this hit unbelievably close to home. Beautiful story, it made me cry a little. :)

  4. freakism

    This was absolutely adorable!
    I was squeeing all the way through.
    The art work was amazing as well, it really helped convey the subtleties of the characters ☺️

  5. Lux

    Aww, this is absolutely adorable! I really hope it gets considered for another installment. I love where this is going, but it doesn’t feel complete.

  6. ToriL88

    I think this was really cute. I loved how the game got people to connected to Bo, enough so that he says maybe to leaving his house.
    A bonus installment where they meet him face to face and compliment him or something is just my wishful thinking- it was that good!

  7. Ilana

    Lovely! With such a sweet and hopeful ending, easy to think of the myriad ups and downs that could be in store for everyone!
    Thank you so much for sharing it!