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Out of Sync Complete Cherry Bomb Version (video game)

$4.99 $3.49


Taisei, a vocalist in the boy band 4LiGHT, is known for his poppy, electric stage persona–a mask he wears over an angry insecurity. He only started singing to keep up with his childhood friend Shou, who’s now a professional vocalist in a different boy band. Suffocated by the restrictive life of a pop idol he never truly wanted, Taisei tries to reconnect with Shou…only to find that Shou has also changed under the glitz and lights of the stage. Taisei isn’t sure what to think of the new Shou–at least, until Shou kisses him. Also comes with a Sparkler-exclusive booklet (50 pages long) of game art, an extended script preview, and bonus sketches!

This complete version of the game comes with extended mature scenes and bonus CGs.

Note: All Cherry Bomb titles are rated 17+ for adult themes and content.

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This downloadable video game is delivered to you in three formats: PC, Mac, and Linux. Once you purchase this item, you will be instantly e-mailed a download link. To combat piracy, you are limited to downloading the file 5 times. If you have trouble downloading your purchase, please contact store@chromaticpress.com.

NOTE: As an independent game, this may cause “virus warning/do you trust this?” flags to pop up when you try to install it. The game is fine, it’s just not through the official channels/app stores.

WINDOWS 10 USERS: Click “more info,” then click “Run Anyway.”

MAC USERS: Right-click the icon (or hold down CTRL while left-clicking), then choose “open” and “open” again. MAY NOT WORK IN SIERRA, will update this product when a fix is released.

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