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Tokyo Demons Vol. 3 (paperback edition)


What Goes Around

“At first I was like oh well this is fun but then it turned all emotional and f*cked up.”

-Anonymous, Tumblr

With their informant access destroyed and key members of their team missing, the Fukuhashi teenagers are forced to regroup. But after the many setbacks they’ve suffered in the drug war against Core, things are changing. Their side of the battle, already bigger than their failures, is surging toward victory–and Ayase and Jo are finding new strength for the final fight.

Assuming the final fight is a battle at all. With psychics and mysterious forces warping reality to buy time, the most precious resource in the conflict becomes the simple, untouched truth. It’s a race to the finish in this climactic final volume, where a last gateway will lead to a hard-won future.

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Tokyo Demons is an illustrated light novel series, written by manga industry veteran Lianne Sentar and illustrated by SOULLESS artist rem. Inspired by the stories and ideas found in Japanese manga and anime as seen through a Western lens, Tokyo Demons was first published through a successful Kickstarter and has been adapted into multiple formats, including a fully voiced audio book, bonus short stories, and an upcoming card game, all originally announced and serialized on tokyodemons.com.

The 400-page paperback of Tokyo Demons: Book 3 features revised text from the online publication, all chapter illustrations, and two bonus short stories not found online.

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