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Tokyo Demons Vol 2 (paperback edition)


Now hiding out in Daniel’s strangely protected church in Ueno, Ayase and Jo try to join the offensive against Core–and their first mission is rescuing the missing hacker, Shouri. Their alliance with Byakko and the Riot Girls proves to be a stronger force than Core was prepared for.

But between detoxes, sexual complications, and shaky deals with informants and the police, the Fukuhashi teenagers struggle with different problems at home. The greatest threat to their survival may be the demons within their own team.

Read it now before you buy! Also available as an ebook, this paperback contains two bonus short stories (one about Adam, one about Nick x Hatsumi), the latter of which is not available online. Discussion for the bonus material in this book has been opened in the forums.

For additional Book 2 side stories that are NOT part of the final ebook/paperback, see here: Building Up and Never Again.

For questions: store@chromaticpress.com.


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Available now! Purchase the ebook version of this volume for just $5 more (50% off retail price) and get an immediate download as you wait for your book to ship! Instant gratification in the digital age.

The direct continuation of Book 1, Lianne Sentar‘s urban fantasy thriller (featuring the art of Rem and bonus illustrations by Romy-chan) started on Kickstarter and tokyodemons.com before joining Sparkler Monthly in Issue #001 (July 2013) and ending in Issue #010 (May 2014). The 480-page paperback edition (also available as an ebook) includes the Adam short story Press START to Continue and the never-before-seen short story Curiosity Killed the Cat (Nick x Hatsumi).

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