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The Jackson Lunta Snow Dance Song


It’s winter in Marquette, a city in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Sammy Nilson, a junior hockey player, is taking a snowmobile ride through the woods with his best friend and teammate Charlie Yoon, who recently broke his hand. Sammy is preoccupied by anxious thoughts about Charlie’s injury and the troubling attraction to his friend that he’s been trying his best to ignore. As Sammy drives them back along the trail, they see a boy alone on a frozen lake, practicing with a puck and stick in a way that’s hauntingly beautiful. Little do they know that this boy will mysteriously appear in their locker room the next day, taking Charlie’s spot on the team–and starting a new storm in Sammy’s heart.

Drawing from the distinctive culture and folklore of its Upper Peninsula setting, The Jackson Lunta Snow Dance Song is a Boy’s Love novella from Dusk in Kalevia writer/artist pair Emily Compton and Onorobo. This modern tale about hockey and love is deepened by the mysteries of the Michigan sky.

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110 pages, prose with b&w illustrations. 5.5″ x 8.5″ x 0.3″

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