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The Princess of Tennis


The Princess of Tennis is a true story by Jamie Lynn Lano about working as a mangaka’s assistant in Japan. Check out the author’s blog here, or buy the ebook alone here.

Note: This is a Sparkler Distributed series–we do not hold any of the rights to Princess of Tennis.

What do you think? Should I apply?
It would be totally awesome to be Konomi-sensei’s assistant, don’t you think? ^^;;;
Maybe he likes tall, cute foreigners enough that he’ll overlook my lacking language skills?
*starts studying like mad*

That was the entry that I posted on my blog on September 4, 2008. My Japanese wasn’t that great, but it was passable.

I shouldn’t have been worried, because I ended up working for Konomi-sensei for well over a year.

As an assistant mangaka.

This is a true story. My true story. But it could be yours.

For questions: store@chromaticpress.com.


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This print edition of Princess of Tennis is adapted from the author’s blog, written while she was working as a mangaka’s assistant in Japan.

Purchase the ebook version of this volume for just $5 more (50% off retail price) and get an immediate download as you wait for your book to ship! Instant gratification in the digital age.

PRODUCT DETAILS: 203 pages, 8.5″ x 5.5″, softbound. Prose nonfiction, paperback.

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