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Off*Beat Vol. 2 (paperback edition)


Christopher “Tory” Blake finally feels like he’s gaining ground in his quest to learn more about the introverted Colin Stephens. But can he really discover what makes his new neighbor so fascinating through study dates and a few shared lunches? And when Tory’s flatmate almost loses his computer to a virus linked to something called “The Gaia Project,” Tory gets a glimpse of just how deep Colin’s mysteries go. What is the Gaia Project, and more importantly, is it what’s causing Tory’s heart to race whenever he sees Colin…?

In print again after five long years, this new edition features never-before-seen bonus material! Read online before you buy!

Note: Volume 3 of this series is now available.

For questions: store@chromaticpress.com.


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“It might start out as a quiet mystery, but when you’re not looking, Jen Quick’s quirky characters and witty sense of humor will sneak their way into your heart. Off*Beat is perfect in its deceptive simplicity, hilarious in its relatability, and heart-fluttering in all the right places. You won’t be able to contain your feels!” -Becky Cloonan, The Mire, Conan the Barbarian

Volume 2 (of 3) of the delightful comic series by Jen Lee Quick! The Chromatic Press edition of this out-of-print volume features new bonus material after the pages of the story. As a bonus for ordering from this site, the book also comes with a free Colin bookmark! If that’s not fancy enough, you can also buy a jeweled tassel for your bookmark to add some bling.

Purchase the ebook version of this volume for just $3 more (50% off retail price) and get an immediate download as you wait for your book to ship! Instant gratification in the digital age.

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Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 7.5 × 5 × .7 in
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Just the paperback and bookmark, thanks, Add ebook for $3 more, Add tassel to the bookmark for $1.50, Add ebook AND tassel for $4.50


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