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Dead Endings (paperback)


In the city that never sleeps, spirits are equally restless and vie for the attentions of those who can sense them. Cailen Delaney, grad student and long-suffering ghost magnet, would rather spend her break getting reacquainted with her pillow, but is instead dragged into the aftermath of a strange series of murders by Everett Jung – a fellow sensitive with an…unusual ability. Join Jessica Chavez (author) and Irene Flores (illustrator) through the streets of modern NYC in this darkly comedic mystery.

Read it online before you buy! Recommended for ages 16+

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“…if you are a fan of ghost themed fiction or are just partial to the use of the word “exsanguination” (which lets face it, is never used quite enough), be sure to check out Dead Endings.The Toddhunter Report

“…the book succeeds thanks to lively, interesting characters and a refreshing interplay of horror and humour. I enjoyed Dead Endings tremendously and I hope that you will as well. ” Goodreads review

“The main character has a quirky sense of humor that I found extremely entertaining and the others were just as colorful and compelling. …It’s one of those stories you can’t put down because you really want to know what’s going to happen next.” Amazon review

Paperback details: 8.5″ x 5.5″ x 0.8″. Prose with black and white illustrations.

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