Witch’s Quarry : Characters

Lady Deia

Lady Deia Leviacoth doesn’t always demonstrate proper “lady-like” behavior, but she is extremely powerful, and very dangerous… A user of psi powers and a member of a mysterious people known as the Selkoi, she not only wants, but *needs* Deshad. And she is *very* angry when he dodges their wedding!

Sir Veolynn Moreshire

A lady knight and champion of Chrisbury, Veolynn, or “Vee,” is also the bastard daughter of King Heward. She possesses a strong sense of honor and duty, and a magical element in one hand known as the “sword of light.”

Wesyng Reedle

Wes is a rogue and a trouble-maker, and, co-incidentally, a dead-ringer for Veolynn’s brother Deshad. After a chance encounter, Wes is convinced to take Deshad’s place in his arranged marriage to Lady Deia. Deshad goes free, and Wes rises from a life of abject poverty to one of nobility and comfort. Except that things never work out quite as planned…


The bastard son of the king, and younger half-brother to Veolynn, Deshad is a competent knight, and consummate gentleman. In love with Celeen, a woman of much lower social standing, Deshad only wants to run away with her to live happily ever after. After a chance meeting with Wesyng, his unlikely doppelganger, gives him a chance to fulfill his romantic dreams, Deshad switches places with Wes in order to avoid his unwanted marriage. Unfortunately for him, fate, and Lady Deia, have other plans…


A very odd traveler wearing the garb of a knight of the realm, Jethry is full of mysteries…including his impressive magical powers! Good-natured up to a point, he is a fearsome fighter when pressed.


Deshad’s lady-love. Employed as a cook at Castle Hounswel, Celeen is the daughter of a Southern woman who came north of the wall some time ago. She loves Deshad, but is understandably dubious about his plan to switch places with Wes, starting first with Wes’s very questionable character!