Windrose : Characters


The half-French, half-Spanish daughter of a successful merchant, Danielle was taught from a young age how to solve puzzles and unravel mysteries…for her father’s own secret purposes. Thus, when a letter hinting at her father’s death sets Danielle on a quest to find him, she quickly  puts the pieces together and winds up on a ship to Marseilles, where she meets Angeline and Leon–who have an agenda of their own!


A clever thief with a mysterious past, Angeline is smart, funny, a little prickly, and an impressive swordswoman. While her first encounter with Danielle doesn’t go so well, she soon develops a surprising fondness for the younger woman.


A former Musketeer, Leon and Angeline go way back…in ways neither fully wishes to discuss. In spite of his apparently brooding demeanor, Leon is generally sweet and quiet. But he is nevertheless a fierce fighter when circumstances require it, especially when he has someone to protect!