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Prose : Tokyo Demons


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Urban Fantasy Adventure Drama, 16+
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Tokyo Demons
Book 1: ebook | paperback | audio
Book 2: ebook | paperback
Book 2.5 (sexy shorts): ebook | paperback
Book 3: coming soon

Tokyo Ghosts (sequel series)
Book 0: sexy shorts
Book 1: running now

From the moment she was born, Ayase Watanabe could turn her body into a swarm of insects. Jo Oda grew up in Japan’s foster system, picking pockets as he was bounced from home to home. Strangers to each other, they're pulled into a botched drug deal that sets off a chain reaction, dragging them into an underground power struggle between some of the most dangerous--and supernatural--powers in the city. And Ayase’s strange ability becomes the weapon that changes everything.

"Even considering all of the superhuman elements and psychic abilities involved in Tokyo Demons, what make the series so compelling and engaging are its believably flawed, exceptionally nuanced, and constantly evolving characters and the constantly shifting dynamics of their relationships." Ash Brown, Experiments in Manga

"At first i was like oh well this is fun but then it turned all emotional and f*cked up." Anonymous, Tumblr

Please note: Tokyo Demons is recommended for readers aged 16+ due to violence, crude language, sexual situations, and lots and lots and LOTS of drug use.


Two years into its serialization, this series and its accompanying dramatized audio book continued as a free serial in Sparkler Monthly. Visit www.tokyodemons.com for more bonus material.