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The dramatized audio book of the light novel Tokyo Demons, Tokyo Demons Audio features a full voice cast of 30+ characters, original music, and a variety of sound effects with the spoken narrative. The audio book follows the novel almost exactly, although there are audio-original stories and content not featured in the book.

Please note: Tokyo Demons Audio is recommended for listeners aged 16+ due to crude language and adult themes. Headphones recommended.


Ayase: Moonklutz
Jo: Alex O'Shea
Sachi: Dov
Kiyoshi: Dallas Turner
Mitsuko: E. Kim
Touya: Jae Rodgers
Kadoyuki: Lianne Sentar
Nick: Jae Rodgers
Seiya: Paul Kuypers
Detective Nakajima: Krystle Tabujara
Miki: Jennie Fiddes
Priest Daniel: Bilal Durrani
Mai: Jill Astley
Zayd: Eric Kim (separate from E. Kim)
Emi: Jill Astley
Adam: Adam Ford
Shouri: J. J.

Additional voices: Rebecca Scoble, Sunita Sidhu, Elizabeth Sheeran, Nancy Frey, Lillian Diaz-Przybyl, Alexandra, Neil Hendry, Muhammad Velji, Florence Ting, Andy Fiddes, Anthony Rinaldi, Anders Azzopardi, Tory Woollcott, M.A., Chris Rentschler, Michael Hurlbut, David Namisato, Nestor Sanchez, Jae Jae Lopez, Dylan Waite, Babette Hodis, Phu Nguyen

Many of the sound effects used in the Tokyo Demons audio book were available for free online; click here for the complete list. All music and additional sound effects by Rebecca Scoble. Tokyo Demons audio book © Lianne Sentar and Rebecca Scoble, December, 2011 and February, 2013.
Miki Date CD © Lianne Sentar and Rebecca Scoble, December 24, 2012