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Audio : Sparkler RPG: ESPU


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Urban Fantasy Game, 16+
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Art by Angeline Mauri of Devil's Cake and Dusk in Kalevia: The Range.

As first explained in this podcast, the Sparkler staff is developing a tabletop RPG system for new gamers and/or gamers who want a system tailored more toward drama and romance than orc-slaying. As of Dec 2015, we've been streaming a live game campaign in this system (via Twitch) called ESPU, and we welcome anyone to watch, comment, and influence the players!

Next session will be:

Saturday, May 28th, 6:30 PM EST!

Download first documents for this game here:


Character sheet (PDF)


Character creation guide (PDF)

Game Designer: Rebecca Scoble (Awake, Cat Lover's Circumstances, Tokyo Demons Audio)
Game Master: Lianne Sentar (Tokyo Demons, Shut In Shut Out)

Playable characters (PCs), initial:
-Jen Lee Quick (Off*Beat, Witch's Quarry, Gatesmith)
-Rebecca Scoble
-Sparkler comics editor Lillian Diaz-Przybyl