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Industry news, Feminism, Geekiness, 16+
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The extremely geeky heads of Sparkler Monthly talk about the inner workings of Sparkler, the publishing/comics market, and all kinds of geek media from the same feminist, progressive perspective we try to bring to Sparkler as a whole. No corner of nerdom will be left unturned, from mainstream superhero movies to Japanese-language-only otome games. Also featuring interviews and roundtables with many of Sparkler's great creators!

A new Sparkler Podcast comes out with every issue of the magazine. After a month, it becomes free for everyone. Download them all here!

Additional Podcasts

Awake Roundtable #01 (Member Exclusive): Director roundtable with the actors who play Janelle and Rosa!
Tokyo Demons: Free Talk #01
Tokyo Demons: Free Talk #02
Tokyo Demons: Free Talk #03*
Tokyo Demons: Free Talk #04
Tokyo Demons: Free Talk #05
Tokyo Demons: Free Talk #06**
Tokyo Demons: Free Talk #07***

*Spoilers for Book 1: Chapter 5, mild romantic spoilers for Book 2

**Spoilers for Book 2: Chapter 1, mild other spoilers for Book 2

***Major spoilers for Book 1: Chapter 8

The podcasters:

Lianne Sentar: Head of Prose and author of Tokyo Demons

Lillian Diaz-Przybyl: Head of Comics

Rebecca Scoble: Head of Audio, Director (and occasional voice actor) for all our audio series

Jill Astley: Sparkler CFO

Lissa Pattillo: Webmaster and Visual Designer

Carolynn Calabrese: Editorial/marketing assistant

Edited by Jill Astley

Music by Rebecca Scoble