Skyglass : Characters

Moss Wick

Name: Moss Wick
Gender: Male

Series: Skyglass

Description: Moss is a drummer with a painfully warped body image who skulks around life, avoiding human contact as much as he possibly can. Romantic entanglements utterly squick him, much to the angst of his boss, Marko. That said, friendship is extremely important to him (even if he tends to give the people closest to him a glacial shoulder). For the past four years, he’s been struggling to get along in the aftermath of his parent’s double suicide – and then Phoenix arrives, in the form of a furry red cat, and announces she’s taking over his apartment…


Name: Phoenix
Gender: ‘Female’

Series: Skyglass

Description: Once, Phoenix was an element of fire, spinning and sparking with her million-billion sisters in the heat-blaze of their mother, the sun. Now, she’s a fire-blooded, semi-human pop star (who sometimes turns into a cat) seeking murderous vengeance on her father, the man who stole her from her sun-home. She has a quirky, explosive personality that’s friendly, unless you try to dig up her secrets. She comes a-hunting to the elf-powered earth city of Raith to track and end her father, but what she finds is far tastier than bloodlust.

Marko Gunnarson

Name: Marko Gunnarson
Gender: Male

Series: Skyglass

Description: Shortly after the death of Moss’s parents, Marko found the drummer drunk in a bathtub, and fell madly in love. Not long after, he offered Moss a job at Myriad (his rare music shop). Marko may not be the best with words, but his intentions are sweet, and he’ll bend over backwards for Moss. Favorite things to do (besides falling for men he absolutely shouldn’t be): drinking/brewing beer, playing bright-battle (glow-in-the-dark swordplay!), baking cookies, and headbanging to pissloads of doom metal.

Devin Xyphloem

Name: Devin Xyphloem
Gender: Male

Series: Skyglass

Description: Moss’s ex-best friend, and vocalist of their band Skyglass. While typically boisterous, Devin often teeters on the edge of depression – he fights off his darkness with black market marshmallow Peeps and a rainbow wardrobe. When Moss first distanced himself from the world, Devin was the first to give him the space he needed, despite being deeply worried about him.


Name: Zinn
Gender: Male

Series: Skyglass

Description: Skyglass’ unflappable elven bassist, who–to Phoenix’s profound disgruntlement–is more interested in drinking tea than having sex. However, despite his calm and soothing presence, Zinn‘s past is a mysterious and bloody one. When he’s not busy doing his civic duty for the Bureau of Botanical Psychology (meditating to feed the city’s plants), he supports himself as a needle–a hacker and re-threader of the earth’s digital fabric.

Sable Marten

The captain of an almost defunct space ship, a part-time needle, and the guitarist of Skyglass. She lives in the Gut with her girlfriend, a few hundred knives, and a collection of junk so vast it keeps her ship grounded. When she’s not playing guitar, she’s probably setting up a show for the band by threatening people with said knives.


A goat-herder who doesn’t always seem quite human (because she isn’t); occasionally, she doubles as Skyglass’s all-around caretaker, which mostly entails feeding Moss and procuring Peeps from the black market for Devin. Yunayuna and Sable have been together ever since escaping the tiny, backwater planet the guitarist once lived on with her now-deceased uncle. The women spent years pirating the galaxy, before crash-landing in the Gut–at which point Yunayuna captured a few of the forest’s feral, pygmy goats and started a herd of her own.