Shut In Shut Out : Characters

Rashid Hashmi

Rashid, the first Toronto-born child of his immigrant parents, didn’t have a lot of freedom in his youth – but his parents let him spend as much time as he wanted at the apartment of his best friend, Bo. Now in high school and enjoying his first taste of independence, he’s eager to expand his horizons with friends from school and his soccer team. But as Rashid grew more gregarious over the years, Bo grew more reclusive…and Rashid making new friends may mean leaving Bo behind.

Bo Zhang

Anxious from a young age, Bo clung to his best friend Rashid, a friendly classmate who wanted constant company – something Bo could easily provide. But Bo’s social anxiety worsened until he dropped out of public school entirely, and his friendship with Rashid was dependent on Rashid’s visits to his apartment. Now that Rashid is visiting less and less, Bo is terrified that he’s losing the only friendship he feels safe in.