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Prose : Out of Sync

Created by Paper Star Studios


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Boy's Love Idol Romance, 16+
Complete video game! New story Feb 2018!

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When fame comes fast.

Our first video game! Taisei, a vocalist in the boy band 4LiGHT, is known for his poppy, electric stage persona--a mask he wears over an angry insecurity. He only started singing to keep up with his childhood friend Shou. When both boys were scouted in high school, they began to drift apart, and Taisei has watched Shou--with a superior voice but weaker stage presence--flounder in his own band. Taisei hates that he has the career his best friend deserves.

Suffocated by the restrictive life of a pop idol he never truly wanted, Taisei tries to reconnect with Shou...only to find that Shou has also changed under the glitz and lights of the stage. Taisei isn’t sure what to think of the new Shou--at least, until Shou kisses him.

Please note: Out of Sync is recommended for players aged 16+ due to language and adult topics.