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Comics : Off*Beat

Created by Jen Lee Quick


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Boy’s Love Mystery Drama
Series complete!

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New in June 2015: Deleted Chapter now added to the end!

Meet 15-year-old Tory Blake, a self-proclaimed genius who is a little antisocial and a lot cynical. Life outside of his daydreams is just tedium for Tory...until one night when an attractive but secretive boy his own age moves in across the street. Tory becomes obsessed with his odd new neighbor and begins documenting his every move. But this pursuit of friendship—and possibly more—leads Tory to the one thing he wasn’t expecting to discover.

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Volume 3 (starting with Chapter 13) began in Sparkler Monthly Issue #001, July/August 2013, and ended in Sparkler Monthly Issue Issue #009, April 2014.