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Comics : Mahou Josei Chimaka

Created by KaiJu


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Magical Girl Woman Satire, 16+
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Fifteen years ago, magical girl Shimmer Shimmer Sky Patcher Chimaka lost her final battle against her greatest foe, broke up with her "destined" boyfriend, and practically flunked out of school. Now a chemical engineer at Squid Petroleum, Chimaka is older, wiser, and a whole lot more bitter. But when a surprise phone call alerts Chimaka to the fact that her ancient enemy is getting restless again, it's going to be up to Chimaka and her best friend Pippa to try to reignite Chimaka's old magic...and save the world!

For all you readers who wanted to know what happens after your favorite magical girl series left off...KaiJu brings you "Mahou Josei Chimaka"!

Toning assistant: Liliana Diaz