Magical How? : Characters

Gabe Travolt

Gabe is very naive and a bit of a pushover. He shares a small apartment with Book and is a big fan of the color pink. Even though he’s majoring in art at the same college as Book, he really loves rock music.

Booker Quinn Phillip

Book is a fan of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, and Gabe’s apartment mate (roommate). He’s realistic and logical – and believes he’s the only sane person in this world other than the authors he admires. (They write his favorite mystery, crime, and fantasy literature, by the way.)

Hal the fairy

Not much is known about Hal except his love for human-brand cigars. Hal tends to be rather blunt in his easygoing attitude, but he’s not to the point of being a complete sloth.

Also, if you leave Hal and Gabe alone without Book, chaos will ensue.