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Comics : Magical How?

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Magical Girl/Boys' Love Comedy, 16+
Updates Wed (1 page)
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Volume 1: ebook | paperback

Gabe and Booker are just two normal college guys, sharing an apartment and failing spectacularly at love. But one day, a talking golf ball named Hal lands in their lives and offers them magical powers...and despite it being a terrible idea, Gabe signs up immediately! Now he must don the admittedly flattering dress of a Magical and fight for love and justice, while Booker, blinded by the sparkles, wants nothing to do with any of this.

For fans of Cute High Earth Defense Club Love and Magical Girls-Slash-Dudes, this snarky comedy by Eurika Yusin Gho (eyugho) will blow a little magic up your skirt.

Please note: Magical How? is recommended for readers aged 16+ due to crude language and adult topics.