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Comics : Heart of Gold

Created by Eli & Viv

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LGBT+ Romantic Mystery/Drama, 16+
Updates Wed (2 pages)

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In a small town in France, the priest Dunant holds an unusual kind of Mass: “faith healing,” where he promises to heal the ailments of the suffering with just a single touch of his hands. One of those people is Ionel, an albino pianist who struggles with failing eyesight that could end his career. But something about the priest’s blessing doesn’t seem right, so Ionel starts investigating...

In the tradition of the finest European comics but in a style all their own, Vienna-based team Eli Baumgartner and Viv Tanner present this romantic mystery set in the 1980s. Ionel's fascination will become yours in this dramatic exploration of faith, love, and lies.

LGBT+ Romantic Mystery/Drama, ages 16+