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Comics : Gatesmith

Created by Jen Lee Quick


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Dark Fantasy Western, 16+
Vol 1 complete!

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Volume 1: ebook | paperback coming soon

Morning in the desert... A million lives, from the smallest insect to the largest creature, all struggle for survival in a harsh but beautiful environment. Enter Morgan, a mysterious woman with an even more mysterious task to perform in this strange new world. Over her travels she will meet friends and foes, and some important allies in her quest to change the land around her for the better.

Jen Lee Quick, author of Off*Beat, Witch's Quarry, Soul Union and more brings readers a thrilling and inventive new take on the Old West!

Please note: Gatesmith is recommended for readers aged 16+ due to violence, crude language, and sensitive topics.


Lillian Diaz-Przybyl (editor/layouts)