Dusk in Kalevia : Characters

Toivo Valonen

Name: Toivo Valonen
Gender: ‘Male’

Series: Dusk in Kalevia

Description: An Angel of Light residing in physical form on earth with the purpose of bringing hope to humanity. His current identity is that of a CIA agent, undercover as a Finnish journalist from the West, sent to fight the repressive Communist regime and rally the partisans in Kalevia. He is very kind, rather sensitive, and tries to bring out the best in people.

Notes on name: Toivo is a Finnish given name meaning “hope,” and his surname, Valonen, means “of the light.”

Angelic name: Zophiel

Demyan Chernyshev

Name: Demyan Chernyshev
Gender: ‘Male’

Series: Dusk in Kalevia

Description: An Angel of Shadow who has been living on earth and spreading fear to humanity in various forms for centuries. Currently employed as a KGB liaison officer for Kalevia’s secret police. Seemingly ruthless, he’s actually a haunted and melancholy figure. He’s fought against Zophiel over the years, but his feelings toward his opponent are more complicated than simple animosity.

Notes on name: “Chernyshev” is a Russian surname meaning Dark. Demyan means “to tame.”

Angelic name: unknown

Kaija (Kai)

Name: Kaija (Kai)

Series: Dusk in Kalevia

Description: A young rebel who resolved to join the resistance movement in Kalevia following her father’s death at the hands of the Communist government. She prefers to hide her gender, dressing in men’s clothing and using the masculine name “Kai.” She works at a print shop, where she and some of the other printers secretly produce and disseminate banned literature in their off-hours. In demeanor, she’s serious and tough, but her sense of responsibility and levelheadedness make her well-liked by those who know her.

Notes on name: Kaija, which is a Finnish version of Katarina, can easily be shortened to Kai, a masculine name. Pronounced Kai-ya.


Name: Vesa
Age, Gender: 16, Male

Series: Dusk in Kalevia

Description: The sixteen-year-old son of the Chairman of Kalevia. As a consequence of his sheltered upbringing, he hasn’t experienced much of the world, leading to an unfortunate naiveté. Although he’s constantly struggling to gain the acknowledgement of his father and the people around him, and has a penchant for landing himself in trouble, at heart he’s a compassionate person who wants everyone to get along.