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Prose : Decoy and Retrofit

Created by Hazel+Bell


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BL Apocalypse Sci-Fi, 16+
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Build your own apocalypse.

It’s been five years since the alien Tourists arrived to Earth, and humanity isn't taking their new colonizers very well. While his hometown was destroyed, Noel survived as a retrofit: chunks of his body replaced with alien flesh, connected to the Tourist hive mind. He eventually joined a human mercenary gang, but he sees little point to surviving in this post-apocalyptic wasteland...until he stumbles upon a childhood friend, an ice cream truck, and a whole lot of guns.

For fans of Voltron and Mad Max, this Boy’s Love sci-fi will take over your brain. The brand-new mini series from Bell & Hazel of Always Raining Here! 

Please note: Decoy and Retrofit is recommended for readers aged 16+ due to violence, crude language, and adult topics.