Dead Endings : Characters

Cailen Delaney

Name: Cailen Delaney
Gender: Female

Series: Dead Endings

Description: A beleaguered grad student in the Big Apple. Hopeless coffee addict and reluctant party to all things undead. A great lover of books and liquid spirits, she’s generally content to lay back and observe life as it happens (preferably with a glass of wine) rather than actively participate. Approaches most things from a dry and slightly sarcastic angle. Is famously known for eating months-old take-out without consequence.

Everett Jung

Name: Everett Jung
Age, Gender: 18, Male

Series: Dead Endings

Description: An eighteen-year-old hipster dandy attending Columbia University who also interns at the New York Daily. Has a nose for crime and cannot suffer even the smallest of mysteries. A bleeding heart in designer shoes.

Gabriella Benitez

Name: Gabriella Benitez

Series: Dead Endings

Description: A powerful medium and jiu-jitsu enthusiast, Gabriella is Cailen’s best friend and cheerful support against the undead. Enjoys traveling, Chinese food, and kicking people in the nuts when called for. The main supplier of vegetable matter into Cailen’s diet.