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Prose : Dead Endings


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Dark Comedy Ghost Story, 16+
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In the city that never sleeps, spirits are equally restless and vie for the attentions of those who can sense them. Cailen Delaney, grad student and long-suffering ghost magnet, would rather spend her break getting reacquainted with her pillow, but is instead dragged into the aftermath of a strange series of murders by Everett Jung - a fellow sensitive with an...unusual ability. Armed with nothing but coffee and alcohol-fueled cynicism, Cailen reluctantly joins him on a search that seems to end in death at every turn.

Join Jessica Chavez (author) and Irene Flores (illustrator) through the streets of modern New York City in this darkly comedic mystery about the connection between life and death...and how sometimes, literally, the separation is razor-thin.

Please note: Dead Endings is recommended for readers aged 16+ due to violence, crude language, and sensitive topics.


Jessica Chavez (author)
Irene Flores (illustrator)
Lianne Sentar (editor)
Carolynn Calabrese (assistant editor/copyeditor)