The Cat Lover’s Circumstances : Characters

Misaki Tanabe

Age: 20

Misaki is a fujoshi (female antisocial nerd), sarcastic internet cat lady, and secret idealist. A first-year college student who failed her entrance exams two years in a row, Misaki is a shut-in who hasn’t had much real-world social interaction since junior high school. When she’s alone, she has an overactive imagination, talks to herself about all kinds of things, and can get caught up in strange flights of fancy—but with other people, she’s much more uncomfortable and awkward. The only times she can talk comfortably and unreservedly are around cats, and with her childhood friend Haruka Nishida, who has a talent for making her angry.

Aina Ueda

Age: 18

Star athlete, hopeless romantic, secret girly-girl. A first-year student in the kickboxing club, Aina has a reputation as a fearsome prodigy in sports and martial arts. Her outward attitude is gruff and a bit stoic, but largely by accident—if she knew what to say to people she’d say it, but she’s painfully shy. Secretly, she idolizes other girls, with their cute bodies and outfits and fun groups of girlfriends—but even in her own head she knows she can’t pull off her feminine ideal. Despite her accomplishments, she has pretty serious low self-esteem and anxiety. She has a massive crush on the club’s manager, Haruka Nishida, which everyone knows, but she has yet to find the courage to tell him.

Haruka Nishida

Age: 20

Hottest man on campus, cool as a cucumber, secretly an overprotective older brother and more of a dork than he seems. A third-year student and manager of the kickboxing club, Nishida has a smooth, disarming manner in public, and owns his popularity with a likeable charm. But he isn’t perfect, and on certain subjects (such as Misaki, or his sister) he can be guarded and irritable like a wound-up spring.

Kiki Ayukawa

Age: 19

Fashionista, life of the party, secret ice queen. A second-year clarinet player in the school orchestra, Ayukawa is a girl wearing a mask. Her outward personality is bubbly, friendly, and she seems to drift through life without a care in the world—but there’s something dark and angry under the surface.