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Audio : The Cat Lover’s Circumstances

Created by LAMP Aiwa


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Geeky Modern Comedy, 13+
Last update: Chap 8, Jan 2017

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Crazy cat lady Misaki Tanabe is a university student in Japan, hiding out in the all-girls Risho East Dormitory. She’s perfectly happy to stay in her room with her cat and Wi-Fi, but her dormmates want to get to know her...and may need her. Misaki’s social anxiety actually stems from a psychic power - the ability to “hear” the inner voices of the people around her. When she overhears dark thoughts from a visiting man from her past, she may not be able to stay in her room, after all.


Directed by: Rebecca Scoble

Written by: LAMP

Art by: Aiwa

Edited by: Rebecca Scoble and Leah Waig


Misaki -- Tara Burke

Aina -- Elissa Park

Nishida -- Anthony Sardinha

Ayukawa -- Sarite Harris

Rina -- Courtney Lunn

Sebastian the cat -- Sulis and Oliver (cats)

Additional voices:

Alex O’Shea, Leena Soussi, Jesse Hodson, Ramsey Soussi, Babette Hodis, Jennie Fiddes, Lianne Sentar, Rebecca Scoble