Awake : Characters


Name: Hina
Age, Gender: 28, Female

Series: Awake

Crew position: Engineer
Work term: 15 years

Description: Hina’s been through a lot over the past few years, and it’s a relief being somewhere stable…even if that “somewhere” is hurtling through space. Despite coming across as a little stoic, she’s extremely empathetic, and is willing to go to great lengths (and sometimes great personal sacrifice) to solve other peoples’ problems.

Character voice: Rielle Braid


Name: Janelle
Age, Gender: 31, Female

Series: Awake

Crew position: Medic
Work term: 25 years (6 complete)

Description: Friendly and outgoing, Janelle’s emotions are almost always on the surface–for better or worse. She says what’s on her mind (to the point of rambling), and sometimes ruins moments by saying something inappropriate. She and her twin sister split 50 years of work to bring their sizeable family to the New World. Her sister has already completed her 25 years and waits in cryogenic sleep…where Janelle hesitates to visit her.

 Character voice: Jae Jae Lopez


Name: Robbie
Age, Gender: 27, Male

Series: Awake

Crew position: Ship technician
Work term: 10 years (8 complete)

Description: Possibly because he spends 99% of his day interacting with the ship’s computer, Robbie isn’t very good with people. His quiet presence on the ship is often taken for granted. His attempts to reach out to the other crew members are genuine, but simple, and are met with varying levels of acceptance. The ship’s A.I., Persephone, claims that Robbie is the best technician the ship has had in its 600-year trip.

Character voice: Jesse Hodson


Name: Travis
Age, Gender: 20, Male

Series: Awake

Crew position: Agriculturist
Work term: 5 years

Description: A wealthy, successful student and all-star athlete back on earth, Travis grew tired of the expectations placed on him and teamed up with a few peers to start over in the New World; Travis chose to work a short term on the ship as part of his quest for a new adventure. Unfortunately, his cryogenic thaw went badly and left him disfigured and disabled. Travis’s inability to deal with his new body has left him bitter, angry, and argumentative. Combined with his fierce intelligence and running mouth, he’s a terror to be around.

Character voice: Alex O’Shea


Name: Rosa
Age, Gender: 49, Gender

Series: Awake

Crew position: Captain
Work term: 25 years (22 complete)

Description: The current “Captain” of the ship, Rosa is religious, educated, and extremely resilient. Especially good in a crisis. Although she prefers a somewhat hands-off approach to managing her crew, she intervenes when tensions are running high and her subordinates are especially annoying.

 Character voice: Annemieke Wade


Name: Seb (full name Sebastian)
Age, Gender: 33, Male

Series: Awake

Crew position: Waste Management
Work term: 13 years (8 complete)

Description: Seb is a genuinely nice person and actively mediates problems within the crew, but he’s also weak to pleasure and tends to dig himself into holes. After partaking in the incredibly stupid combination of drinking and gambling years of work, he added several years to his term before Rosa staged an intervention. He has by far the worst job on the ship, especially since the elaborate waste management system started to fall into disrepair around year 599. His friendships with the other members of the crew help him deal with all the literal crap in his life.

Character voice: Adam Ford