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Science Fiction Mystery Drama, 16+
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Several hundred years in the future, the United States is overcrowded, low on resources, and dealing with a bitter homeland war. In the midst of this, colonizing ships send tens of thousands of people to start a new life on earth-like planets in different solar systems; all passengers are cryogenically frozen for the duration of the 1,000-year voyage. The ships aren’t fully automated, however--they need human crews to keep the machinery running and to act as a failsafe to wake the real crew if something goes wrong. For people who can’t afford the high cost of buying fare on the ship, they can pay their way as part of the crew: ten years on the crew equals passage for one person. These individuals are taken out of cryogenic sleep once, left awake to work their years, and then are frozen again. People are woken in staggered shifts--a full crew is six “awake” people at one time.

600 years into the voyage, Hina Hwan is woken to work her half of the thirty years needed to pay the fare of her fiancee and his young daughter. But she swiftly learns that the only thing worse than six people isolated in space...is six people and an unidentified corpse.

Please note: Awake is recommended for listeners aged 16+ due to crude language and adult themes.

 Directed by: Rebecca Scoble

Written by: Tory Woollcott and Barabara

Art by: Angela Sham

Edited by: Rebecca Scoble and Leah Waig


Hina -- Rielle Braid

Janelle -- Jae Jae Lopez

Robbie -- Jesse Hodson

Rosa -- Annemieke Wade

Travis -- Alex O'Shea

Seb -- Adam Ford

Many thanks to Leena Erik-Soussi, Phu Nguyen, Sharif E. and Aya. 

Click here for sound effect credits.