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Sunshine Boy: Chapter 08, Page 446

Sunshine Boy will be moving to a new site soon! Follow @moosopp on Twitter to find out more.

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Comments (9)
    • Asleep

      I just noticed that Grey’s face is in the dark and Kelly is facing toward the light…. </3 symbolism is the best

  1. Koldspaghetti

    Since apparently sparkler isn’t gonna update anyone, Moosopp has stated that Sunshine Boy is going on a public hiatus but will still gradually update on his Patreon. Sparkler posted the next couple of the Halloween updates by mistake and then took them down. So I guess follow Moosopp on twitter or pledge to their Patreon for at least $2 to keep up with Sunshine Boy.

  2. Cello tape

    Sparkler: “Sunshine Boy is moving to a new site! Follow moosopp on Twitter”

    *follows moosopp on Twitter*

    *wades through an onslaught of fan art for unfamiliar IPs for several months*new

    *searches through Tumblr(s) and DA*

    *no new website is announced*

    It’s okay if it’s cancelled, but I’d like to at least know for sure. I’ve seen no mention of this hiatus anywhere. I’m a fan of the story and art, but not so much the geocaching on every social media site orz

      • Summer

        What level in Tier do I have to join to access the comic (Sunshine Boy) on his Patreon. I really would love to keep reading this!