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Sunshine Boy: Chapter 07, Page 410

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Comments (9)
  1. Princeling

    Everyone could use a little therapy, Kurt. Don’t get all defensive just because a friend is worried about you, Kurt.

  2. Jen

    as someone who’s gone through counseling and therapy, the most common core of problems for basically everyone STEMS from our upbringing and all our flaws are created from our parents flaws.

    So because of that, I feel like every parent should go through therapy to learn from their own parents’ mistakes to be better. So it definitely makes sense.

    I feel like if people like young Kurt here could at least recognize some of that, they could create their own therapeutic ways to improve themselves by trying to have a better and healthier relationship with their families.

    • RedCat

      That’s… really not true, both because I know the core reason/s for my problems, and my parents ain’t it, and because that’s way too broad of a statement. It’s correct a lot of the time, but definitely not with every person.

  3. inlovewithsnow2002

    Literally everyone in the world can benefit from a therapist its like people forget that its not just talking these people train for years in counseling and learning how to best help people work through their issues I wish their was not such as stigma around therapy