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Comments (29)
    • Minas

      Yeah, no, I’d get your comment if the whole argument was about something else, but racism is one hell of a thing to overlook, especially when it’s aimed at your partner and kid. Her reaction is more than understandable.

      • Raf

        Yes, but she’s his mother, the woman who raised Kurt and loved him.

        If it was me, at first I would get mad and my mother but after year I couldn’t help myself forgive her (or at least tolerate her flaws)… specially if she’s alone, growing old and vulnerable.

        So I’m with Kurt in this one, no damage is done to Kelly, although I suspect the kid will eventually find out somehow and get drama.

      • Sven

        Not to be the devil’s advocate.

        But if you yourself would let your own mother to die alone just because she doesn’t share the same view as you (even if that means her being a racist) .

        You’re not exactly the “better person” in this sense either.

        If she cant tolerate those who are different, why stoop on her level and be a cruel person yourself?

        • Eric

          It’s so goddamn obvious that you’re privileged. Racism isn’t just a “difference in opinion”. You never should tolerate intolerance, it’s a form of oppression. His mother literally thinks of them as lesser people, that’s not even remotely acceptable

          • Sven


            Lol privileged? Ok. Wow you won the debate 👏 . Someone on the Internet who don’t even know what country im from just called me privileged how am i gonna move on with my life!

            Also what does being privileged and not privileged has anything to do with anything?

            Growing up i face many racial difficulties even till now. But im happy to say im not like any of you sissies who have no idea what real racism feels outside of US.

            So again…. Being cruel to someone who is bad does not make you a better person.
            Anna is a bitch
            Kurts mother is a bitch
            Both of them are bitches in their own way.
            2 wrongs does not make a right.

            Anna can feel angry all she want but she cant stop another person Expecially her own husband to have contact with his mother (racist or not)
            No one can do that. Thats an individuals own right to have.
            Not even a bitchy wife can take it that from you.

          • mudkip

            sven…. let’s try to keep this a positive chat. the USA has had a serious racism problem ever since its creation, and so has pretty much every other country in the world.
            i don’t think anna is in the wrong. kurt’s mom wouldn’t even look at her grandson, purely because of the color of his skin.
            that doesn’t mean anna is 100% right, either! you can’t expect anyone to be perfect or to behave perfectly and logically, especially when you don’t know what they have been through. it isn’t up to us to judge someone for protecting her son and doing what she thinks is right.

            as for kurt’s mom, she’s obviously racist, but that doesn’t mean she’s completely undeserving of love. kurt is trying to be the bigger person in his relationship with his mom, and help her out when she’s completely alone. and that’s ok.

            overall? Anna, Kurt, and Kurt’s mom are all just human beings. none of them are flawlessly perfect, and none of them are completely awful. on top of that, we don’t know what they’ve all been through. nothing gives you the right to be racist, but we don’t know what anna and kurt have been through in relation to kurt’s mom. it isn’t our place to judge them.

  1. Bunnybee4

    Well she got her unbiased opinion.

    We all know she wants to protect her son from something that could potentially hurt him but you can’t always swoop in and do that. Racism shouldn’t have to be tolerated but it’s not a cut and dry deal either. Just because you remove a child from it doesn’t mean it goes away.

    Plus we have to give Kelly a little more credit. He’s a pretty reasonable kid and is growing up(preteen),if it’s explained rationally to him why he’s dad has to help out his estranged grandmother because of sickness then wouldn’t he understand?
    I mean he was around to see one of his grandparents pass away, watched his mom go through the pain of losing her father so should he ignore or be indifferent to what he’s dad could go through?

  2. Sven

    Yeah wHaTeVeR Anna… Maybe practice that a lil more.

    Good gawd shes intolerable, going around saying she hate racism, but ended up becoming a lesser person herself.

      • th3darklady

        First off be nice to people don’t call people names. We can have a debate without resorting to name calling and being mean. That’s just stooping to the level of people who are actually racist. Second, the author of the comic obviously sees this issue as being more grey than black and white. That’s why they had Jonas give the answer he did and not just side with Anna on the subject. People are raised differently and have different experiences. We live and grew up in a more progressive time so we look at these things differently than say people 50 years ago when homosexuality and even interracial couples were considered taboo.

        As someone of color; as long as these people aren’t hurting me or other people I don’t care what they think. They can yell at me until they are blue in the face and it won’t phase me because I know I am better than that and won’t stoop to their level. Besides it’s wasted effort and time to try and reason with someone like that so you just go about your business.

      • Sven


        Congrats on being an idiot lol

        If you think you’re a better person if you are cruel towards others who are bad. Then you are no better yourself.

        Why cant people just mind their own business if they dont want any unnecessary hassle.

        Seriously a lot of people in this comment section are so deprive of what reality is. Im starting to worry if this is just an “american” thing. Cause if it is. Then is no wonder my views is different from all of yours.

        • micans

          hey sven just wondering do you think racism gets any realer than the literal documented genocide carried out against native americans?

          • Sven

            Tell me, does dragging that into this suddenly make you right?

            What do you want me to say exactly?
            Im sorry to hear about your sad history?
            Ok, sure. Who doesn’t. Even my countries histories had sad genocidal events too.
            But i dont use that topic Expecially on a web comic
            Srsly what is your plan here?

            Was it Kurts mom going around killing native Americans?

    • Cookiedoh

      In my opinion, Anna hasn’t become any less of a person for believing that this issue involves Kelly. The argument kinda circulates around him, right? Kelly’s grandma doesn’t care about him because of his colour; so can you really blame Anna for having that kind of mindset? It’s clear that in this situation, Kelly’s grandma is supposed to be the one causing the conflict indirectly?? Of course the characters are held accountable for what they’ve said, but gran legit has no reason to believe what she believes. Anna just wants to defend her child, even if Kelly has no knowledge of the situation. (But please don’t come at me for this there is really no point in arguing about this ( ˙-˙ ))

  3. Crystal

    Thank you Moosopp for making this an incredibly realistic issue that can be argued well on each side! Situations like these are easy to side with from an outsiders perspective, and choosing whose right or whose wrong can be easy in that regard. However you show, with these characters, that its not all cut and dry, and that each side has its perfectly valid reasons but also its recognizable flaws. I’m very curious on how this will continue, and how this particular situation will be dealt with :)

      • Sven


        For some reason i cant reply you where you left off so i had to come here.

        1. Literally everything you said is what i’ve been saying to these lil triggered snowflakes throughout these past few chapters.

        2. Literally everyone who is shouting “Go Anna” and “fuck kurt”
        Is the one being one sided and judgemental.
        When they just as much as both of us, dont know what they been through

        3. These idiots for some reason called me a privileged racist who dont care about the native American genocide (that last part was random)
        For talking SENSIBLE LOGIC.

        4. Im not even from a western country! And i came from a middle income family from a godam 3rd world country. (to western/1st world thats privileged. But not here is not, the struggle is real)

        5. And yes usa is not the only country in the world that has a serious racial problem. So dear other readers get that through your fucking head. Not everything revolve around your own country. I dont go around telling people how a buch of “a group of people of different culture” fucked up my people back in the old days to try to prove a point (im looking at you @micans you lil weirdo) and the only reason why i dont specify on who those people are is because i dont want to give any more clues to where im from. Cause lets face, yall dont care anyway. And i dont see any of yall as “friends” so i have no reason to say in the first place.

        I cant see the positive side of this fan base. Expecially now that i have reason to believe they are majority made up of godamn TEENAGERS who preachers “equal love”
        And yet have a very backward way of seeing it.

        So quick to judge a stranger on the Internet just because they see something slightly different.
        Seriously is this kind of people what others would call being a SJW? if it is, i can see why they are being hated on so much.

        • Minas

          Why are you going on about the US so much ? I’m from Europe and I still disagree with you. Thinking that racism should be unacceptable and that Anna isn’t wrong for feeling strongly about it isn’t inherently an American thing.

  4. JustALolf

    I can understand Anna’s reaction. Racism should now be tolerated in any sense but you also can’t control who your husband talks to. As long as he doesn’t hurt Kelly and his wife Anna should tolerate it cuz she can’t Chang Kurt’s mind.

  5. Lysander

    Anna seems to be very much in her own mind here and refusing to listen to anyone else on this. Kurt has made it clear that he agrees with what she is saying, that his mother is a bigot and racist. But he also wants to be there for the person who raised him, in her sick days.

    I’m not sure why Anna isn’t taking into consideration Kurt’s internal conflict with this. Obviously he loves them all.

  6. David

    Racism is never an easy topic to talk about, nor should it be displayed as such. Anyone that’s calling Anna awful should stop and think, and anyone that’s calling Kurt awful should stop and think as well.

    Anna is a mother that is trying to protect her child at all costs. She sees her husband’s actions as a betrayal, and she thinks he’s being influenced by her mother… and she could well be right. He also broke a promise to her, which is probably a large part of why she’s mad. (He’s been talking to his mother behind her back.)

    Kurt is a dad, but he’s also a concerned son. Nobody wants their mother to die alone and without support. Hell, most people don’t want *anyone* to die alone or without support. It’s very plausible that she honestly doesn’t have everyone, though it’s just as plausible that she’s manipulating him. Either way, it’s entirely reasonable that he wants to stay in touch. But… he lied to his wife, and he lied about a matter that he knew was important to the family.

    This situation might be playing out differently if Kurt had been forthright about talking to his mom from the beginning (though we can’t know that now). But ultimately he has not only gone and done what Anna told him not to, but he’s been pretending he’s NOT been talking to someone she hates for an indeterminate amount of time behind her back. Of course she’s mad!

    Now, ultimately, I’ve been in shoes similar to Kurts. My parents can be wonderful people, but they’ve got awful, awful opinions at times. I’ve been able to help shape their opinions from being hateful to being more open and understanding over the years, but they’re still miles behind the modern mindset. Yet I still love them, because they are my family, and I never want anything bad to happen to them. I just want them to become better.

    And yet I’ve stood in Anna’s shoes, too. There’s a clear reason she’s angry. Someone has shown vitriol and hate toward her and her child. She doesn’t want her son exposed to that hate ever again. And being lied to at the same time… Being lied to by the person you’re supposed to trust the most is the most awful thing.

    It’s important to realize that there isn’t a “bad guy” in this conversation. There are two reasonable adults that care for each other that are both making mistakes. This could be handled better by both parties. And that’s okay – relationships are hard, and what seems like the right decision can seem stupid a day later.

    And again, realize there’s a LOT of issues at work here. Racism, a breach of trust, the need to protect one’s family, the need to be there for a dying mother, no small amount of fear… This is a very realistic situation that can come up. I think the author is doing a good job.

    And no, Anna is not a bitch, and Kurt is not pond scum.

    Personally, I think ultimately that Kurt is in the wrong for not having talked to Anna about this of his own volition. This absolutely DOES involve their son in the end. I hope, though, that Anna understands in the end and lets him stay in touch with his mother. However awful she is, nobody deserves to die alone.

    • Mr.Moderate

      Well said, it’s a messy and ugly situation that needs to be properly sorted out. They’ll likely need a neutral third party to help sooner rather than later.

  7. Isabel

    Jonas, is being the most mature adult in the room. though it is poetic in a way; since this is coming from an artist who cut ties with people all the time, because they are friends with someone the artist dislikes.

  8. Yeetsauce

    Ugh. I agree with her on the grounds that his mother shouldn’t be interacting with Kelly, especially if she’s as racist as Anna is saying.

    But at the same time, she’s acting like a child. Kurt doesn’t want to totally cut his own mother out of his life, and he’s trying to keep in touch without exposing Kelly to her racist bullhonkey.

    Kurt should have told her, but now she’s just acting petulant for no good reason other than “I dislike Kurt’s mother (albeit for very good reasons) and therefore I want her to not interact with her own son.” Just because someone is racist doesn’t make them absolute evil scum of the earth sub-humans, especially the elderly.

    Being racist is terrible, yes, but think about what they grew up around, how their parents raised them back then, and what was considered acceptable behavior and beliefs compared to now, some 40-50+ years into the future. Yes, being racist is terrible, but it was considered perfectly fine back then, and it’s hard to change a viewpoint that’s been hammered into your head since you were young.