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Comments (7)
  1. Sven

    Lol bitch what about Kelly?

    Why is this chick so obsessed to bring kelly into this drama that has nothing to do with him?

    If his life will be happier and easy if his not involve with grandma

    And dont involve yourself!
    This uggh god is she only using 2 brain cells at a time?!

    Just listen to that voice of reason. The guy that YOU yourSELF drag into your drama. fucking hell.

    • Kaloobia

      Ok but,,,, I don’t think I’m exaggerating when I say most people stray away from logic when it comes to their loved ones, so I can completely get why Anna is acting (and thinking) the way she is. It’s easy for us as readers to be like “lol she’s overreacting what a bitch nugget” but, this is likely how MANY mothers would react in her position, especially if the would caused by Kurt’s mother is especially deep.
      Remember that we literally don’t know exactly what happened yet, and until then it’s a little too easy to just say that Anna is blowing her fuse over nothing.

      • Sven

        Bruh i know many mothers who have their own issues with their inlaws. But they still let their husbands keep in touch with his parents. (and vice versa may i add)

        Marriage is not about being on the same page at all times. The problem lies if you can overcome the problem in the end. And if the key to solve it is just to be chill and tolerant. Why not?
        Is trying to force your opinion on your spouse making them see the same way you do worth your marriage?

        Imagine if the roles in this scenario was vice versa… A husband Restricting his Wife to talk to her mother… Yeah majority of us Good Folks wont hesitate on which side to jump onto…

        Plus i dont see Ana as a mother right now.
        The reason why she piss me off is cause she literally acting like this bitch i know from work.
        Always drags poor souls into shit thats non of their concern. Demanding our “view” on whose right and get all offended when majority is not on her side.

        Like stfu Karen (Not her real name) you want my “Honest Opinion”so here it is. Whether you like it or not, Dont fucking screenshot our whatsapp group chat without blocking our names and numbers. And post them on FB to Bitch about us thinking we cant see you. Fucking idiot

        Sooo wait. What are we talking about again? Lol

        Oh yeah. Ana is godam Karen.

        • LoveAll

          Well, if my wife had a racist mother that influenced her, yea she would need to choose too. Bad influences need to be cut from life. Honestly, I’m more worried about you. I sense a lot of angry, Hope you have a good day and not use so many swear words when referring to this cuz it doesn’t help move the convo along

          • Sven

            Bad influence huh? From what i understand from their lil relationship the grandma didn’t even hold kelly let alone “spend time” with him long enough to have any sort of influence.

            And if kurt was in any way negatively influence by his mom, i doubt he would end up marrying Anna now would he? Lol

            And if in this scenario why do anyone have to choose! Thats the whole point of this stupid argument (in both comic and comment section)
            Just let kurt handle his dyint racist mother and dont drag his family into it! Is not that hard Anna. You just have to not bring it up! Ffs you sire love the drama Anna. Nothing is good enough for you, to be ou want everyone in the world to bend to your will. Grow up. You’re an adult with a kid dont act like you’re a kid too…

  2. Bunnybee4

    I’m glad Jonas is being so nice about being dragged into meditating this personal problem. It sucks to be in that position, especially a marriage scrabble.

    And he’s right. Anna needs to take a minute to calm down. Kurt shouldn’t have to pick either the family he always had and the family he made.