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Comments (24)
  1. Pfirsichbluete

    I’m totally on Anna’s side even though I can understand why Kurt is so conflicted about it.
    But his first priority MUST be his wife and kid. If his mother can’t love his son and hurts him continually, he HAS to do the right thing and distance himself from her.

    Some will say that she’s his mom and that she maybe did a lot of good things for him, but that doesn’t give her the right to treat others like shit. And Kurt should know this. He is Kelly’s father, and his first priority should be to protect him.

    • Pfirsichbluete

      Also, real dick move of him to come and try to make Anna feel bad for wanting to protect their kid. That’s some manipulative shit he tried to pull there.

      Why should SHE sacrifice her and Kelly’s mental wellbeing to accomodate someone who could just STOP being racist trash??

      • bona

        i disagree completely.

        firstly, Kurt has not involved Anna or Kelly in his mothers’ life. he is the only one who is in contact with her. he didn’t even volunteer the news to Anna, she just happened to find out against his wishes.

        secondly, Anna is the one pulling the dick moves here. she is unnecessarily making her husband choose sides, then looks him in the eye and basically says that she is basically enjoying the fact that her partner’s mother may be suffering without even taking into account that that is his mother and that no matter how complicated their relationship is, he is still a son who clearly cares about his mother who is sick and without a support system.

        personally, i thought i was going to like Anna but more and more she is striking me as the most vile character in this comic.

        • Sven

          Finally someone with some sense lol.

          I mean yeah ok. The mother is a racist. But who knows maybe
          Theres going to be a character development where she accepted her mistakes and make peace with people.

          Is like they saying a bad person cant be good or something…

          And Ana is definitely getting on my nerves too
          (good writing on authors part. Kudos)
          Imagine if the roles reverse. How would she feel if her father didn’t like to hold kelly because he’s mix? And later find out that he has an illness or what not.

          Being in a relationship is not all about being on “the same side”
          Sometimes theres things thats bound to happen that one party dont particularly like, but its important to the other.

        • wHEEL

          I totally agree. Ana is being kind of manipulative here. I DO get her side of the story, as she doesn’t want her baby having to deal with a racist, but it’s also Kurt’s mom. Like, as much as she is a bad person, he still feels for her and he’s going to make excuses for her. I’m not saying it’s right, but I sympathize more with him.

        • wHEEL

          Also yeah that really is a low blow saying that his mom deserves to be sick. Like Kurt is hurting too, so that’s kind of yikes-

          • Pfirsichbluete

            So we’re ignoring the fact that his mother is STILL a racist person, and that she is so bigotted that she doesn’t even want to hold her own grandchild?

            And just for the possibility of her bettering herself (which will not happen, I would bet money on it) we are totally cool with hating Anna, who had to deal with this shit for years and of course felt betrayed because her husband practically was okay with his mother hating her and their child, who KNOWS that he is being hated.

            ALSO: He hid this from her and we don’t know for how long. He broke her trust for someone he called “ignorant” and “not a good person”.

            Maybe she said something that wasn’t okay (even though I didn’t take it as her enjoying that Kurt’s mother is sick but the fact that she has nobody to talk to) but that doesn’t make her vile or evil or manipulative.

      • Sven

        Lol dude no one is ignoring that.
        We all know the mother is racist.

        But we also know Ana is a hostile person. And she gets mad if things doesn’t go her way.

        And you cant take different scenarios and see them as the same perspective.

        Yanno, the whole 2 wrongs doesn’t make a right.

        If someone is being a racist ass, is that an excuse to become an ass yourself?
        What happen to being the “better person”
        Or at least a tolerable one.

        That is someone’s parent we’re talking about here. If she doesn’t want anything to do with her than so be it, dont restrict someone else….

      • Heartbreak Skeleton

        Exactly the mom isn’t someone Kurt should give up the well-being of his child’s mental, and physical state. Pulling a manipulative move on his own wife is uncalled for.

  2. Sara

    I love how morally grey this conflict is, and I’m really having trouble regarding which side is “in the right”.
    Personally I think that I’d be able to cut off anyone who was being toxic towards myself or those I love around me, but if that person happend to be my own mother… I don’t think I could do it.
    Even if my mother turned out to be a horrible racist person, I could never just break off all contact with her while she was alone and sick. She’s my mother, and nothing can change that.
    Logically speaking I think the right thing is for Kurt to cut off all contact with his mother completely, but emotionally I’m not sure if it’s really possible.

    • Mr.Moderate

      It is rather difficult, especially when a family member has to act as a care giver. Ideally the mother would realize she’s wrong and work to make amends but this isn’t ideal. I don’t think anyone is truly right in this situation, it’s always going to be complicated and messy.

  3. Mygasoci

    I don’t know if I’m very carefree, but I think she is giving too much importance to someone who doesn’t want to be part of the family, i mean, they won’t die for not being with the Grandma.
    But is his mom, he will/have to be in touch with she, i mean, she could change… maybe

    • Ryan

      So, I have to ask though. There’s a lot of talk about people being abusive or bad. But like hasn’t the husband kinda proven that he’s still arguing the same points his mom apparently harped on and that’s why the wife is mad at him.

      I mean yeah she’s angry and saying things she will probably regret. But the husband is kinda still repeating things his mom is telling him and harping on there kid to the point that he kind of makes his son miserable. And while sure he shouldn’t be a heartless son. It appears he can’t walk away fro his mom without taking some pretty bad stuff that he then dumps on there kid in the name of improving him.

      • gayestjames

        true, but anna doesn’t seem to be able to separate the evil of the mom and him as a father. sure the mistakes he makes echo the stuff he was taught by his mother, but from him they’re honest mistakes, while from the mother thats actual bigoted behaviour she isn’t bothering to stop. anna has also somewhat lost the moral high ground by committing one of the BIGGEST red flags in any relationship– telling her partner to completely cut ties with someone she doesn’t like. while i do understand that kurt’s mom is a racist bitch, it doesn’t excuse her expectation that kurt can easily choose her over his own mother. kelly doesn’t even KNOW about these calls, therefore it should be fine, as long as kurt takes everything that his mother says with the tiniest grain of salt imaginable. i think kurt is too easily influenced and anna is somewhat selfish (on her son’s behalf, but still), so that the stuff she wants harms kurt for kelly’s benefit.

        • aperson

          Nope disagree gayestjames. Asking your partner to cut ties with someone who harms your child is perfectly responsible because as a mother it is your job to protect your child. This is more than a “i don’t like them so get rid of them” scenario.

  4. Bunnybee4

    It’s a lot harder to cut ties with your family than one might think. My husband’s side of the family is pretty racist and I know they don’t like me(they can kiss my a**) but I would never demand that he can’t keep in touch with them. They came before I did and I knows he doesn’t feel the same way they do or we wouldn’t be together.

    I see where Anna is coming from because Kelly was hurt emotionally(maybe verbally) by Kurt’s mom but she might be demanding too much. Kurt’s mother’s karma should be that she won’t have a wonderful child like Kelly in her life, not that she needs to be abandoned by her son and only family member when she’s sick. It just seems that Anna is the one calling all the shots in the marriage right now and that never really works out. There needs to be a compromise. Like “go help your mom because she’s sick but I’m not going to help you and keep Kelly away from her.”

  5. JustALolg

    I think Anna just went into mama bear mode is is trying to destroy anything that will hurt Kelly. It’s interesting to see this conflict unfold. I’m not sure who is right. On one hand Anna is trying to protect her child and Kurt did do somethings to Kelly (fat shaping and what not) that I am assuming it’s cuz of the mother’s influence. She also strikes me as a person who take being lied to as one of the worst things you can do to a person. On the other hand it’s Kurt’s mom. No matter who it is you’re mom is going to have a special place in your heart and when you’re the only one to take care of her I can understand where he’s coming from. I think they need some time to calm down cuz this fight is very in the heat of the moment.

  6. darlingcolumbine

    As a mixed person who got some racism from both sides of the family:
    Anna’s kind of out of line here.
    It sucks being the target of racism as a child. It hurts. But I would understand my parents need to speak to their parents, especially in case of illness. Heck, this has happened to me.
    And jsyk, it was my mom with the racist white mom. Who got sick. And my mom took care of her mom, while keeping her away from the rest of us.
    My mom’s stance has always been to love and support us, and it was hard for her standing up to my grandmother who did turn around before her death.
    But Anna yelling that kind of stuff? Involving an outsider like that? Not hearing Kurt out, and denying him acces to his sick mother as an only child?
    That’s wrong. I understand Anna wanting to protect herself and her son, but doing it in this way scares me. Kurt shouldn’t have to apologize for talking to his mom or hiding it from Anna when his mother is someone who upsets her.
    In my opinion (no matter how justified in the moment) owes an apology to Kurt for yelling at him like this, and to Jonas for dragging him into a situation he clearly doesn’t want to be a part of.