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Comments (8)
  1. Princeling

    If it were that simple, Anna, no one would still talk to their racist parents. It’s subtler than they show on tv. And as a fellow person of color, I’m genuinely surprised you don’t know this.

  2. Aryes

    Kurts about to,shout out that it’s his mother. The person who raised him and has shown him love and how it still hurts him that even she would be hateful. Maybe he is trying to change her or just keep in contact but it must hurt. All those memories and having someone in your life hating home where you come from probably hurta, but I understand Anna’s feelings. That’s their son, a boy who will already be hurt by the bigots of the world and doesn’t need one so close by.

  3. TkieSai

    Okay, I’m not on anyone’s side here but I do have to say…I didnt know my father was racist until 10 years after he passed away…