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Comments (7)
  1. Pfirsichbluete

    I really don’t want to think that Kurt would cheat on his wonderful, cute wife T_T

    Maybe it’s his parents after he blocked them and now they try to reach him under a different number? I really want it not to be someone he cheats with y_y”

    • ITR

      Why is that your first assumption? xD
      Could just be a phone seller, or some crazy person. Or a friend with a new phone. Or somebody borrowing a phone to call him with.

      • Minas

        I can’t remember for sure so I could be wrong, but I feel like we’ve seen him trying to hide stuff from Anna already, haven’t we ? I should definitely go back and check. Although I don’t want it to be that either ;__;

      • Helaina

        I doubt it’s cheating but why is your first assumption a telemarketer? xD
        What a boring story if this chapter turns out to be how to tell a telemarketer you’re not interested. Obviously it’s no caller ID for an actual interesting reason.