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Comments (9)
  1. Princeling

    Damn, that’s some anxiety attack shit right there. Either that or he’s dangerously short-tempered, and he doesn’t seem like the type.

    • Aryes

      The fact that you commented anxiety attack and the fact I identify very hardcore with the way he reacted as a way I react with my family sometimes is actually making me hardcore recheck my life….😐 cause that’s a familiar situation to me….dang

      • Rainbow_Lizzard

        I react that way with my family but its cause my parents are half the reason my anxiety has gotten soooo bad…….. so maybe looking into it is a good thing? tho it snot the same for everyone

        • Aryes

          Thanks fam, I will have to talk to some peeps, but I just thought I was crazy when I snapped like that with my family. Glad to know it’s kinda more than just irrational fear and snapping

  2. Søs Linnemann

    I mean, I qould prob also react a bit hot-headed in taht situration, around strangers.

    Well, i wouldnt hell, but maybe just add “We talk about it later”, it just seem like he got some private stuff around that, and yeah, prob talk about in private courters.

  3. Piggu🐖

    Anna’s face is everything 👀
    And he got automatically nervous when she mentioned his boss so there is an issue there and his reaction idk how i feel about this.

  4. INDIGO9000

    I just got really scared when he started yelling and accidentally hit my head on the wall. But honestly I’d probably react like that too if I was in his situation